You work hard.  You play hard.  Spoil yourself... with Aloha

Indulge the act of allowing oneself to enjoy the pleasure of

Relaxation - the state of being free from tension and anxiety

Ambiance - the character and atmosphere of a place

There comes a time when you just have to think of you and allow yourself to be pampered, even if for but an hour or two.  We at Aloha MASSAGE SPA know this and are here to do just that... help you spoil you!

Whatever you choose to indulge in today, from the moment you enter our therapy area, the peaceful visual, the tranquil sound, the calming aroma...our ambiance...will calm your soul and have you ready to enjoy your moments of relaxation.

Whether your feet want attention or your entire body needs pampering, let them have it with Aloha!


Here are your choices


Foot Massage

Close your eyes and imagine trained hands massaging your toes, pressing on the arch of your foot and the many different pressure points found in feet.  Ahhh!  Your therapist will also relieve the tension in your neck and shoulders while still focusing on your feet, calves and shins.  Want to add thirty more minutes?

30 minutes - $30            60 minutes - $45            90 minutes - $70

Full Body Massage

Enjoy the privacy of your own personal room where you will be treated to a professional head-to-toe massage session, utilizing quality massage oils  and lotions.  Absorb the calming sounds and drift into your own world.  Sixty or ninety minutes.  They're just never enough!

60 minutes - $60            90 minutes - $90

Thirty Minute Custom Massage

In a hurry but still need some pampering?  Choose one or a combination of two of the following services:  Full body, Neck and Shoulder, Foot, Legs or Back.  We're certain this will put you into the right frame of mind until you have more time to spend with us!

30 minutes - $40

Combination Massage

Our most popular option...a forty or sixty minute body massage followed by a thirty minute foot massage...the "Combo" will truly satisfy and eliminate the problem of having to choose which part of you gets all the attention today!

40 min. Body and 30 min. Foot - $60            60 min. Body and 30 min. Foot - $85

Couples Full Body Massage

Okay guys, what a perfect addition to a date night with your significant other.  Before or after the movie, dinner or just hanging out, she'll love your idea of a relaxing massage in the room ready for two.  She's going to let all of her friends know what a sweet guy she has, even if we know you really wanted the massage!

60 minutes - $110            90 minutes - $170


For the Kamaaina

Sneak away alone or bring someone and save $10 on your services of one hour or more!   (Offers available from 10am - 6pm)

"MAN"IC MONDAYS-   Guys, start the work week off right with a massage to set up the rest of the week and rub out some of the weekend activities.  Save a few bucks, too.

KUPUNA TUESDAYS-   Who deserves to be pampered more than our kupuna?  So come and enjoy "Senior Discount Tuesdays" with Aloha.  (55 and over)

WAHINE WEDNESDAYS-   Humpday.  Take the perfect way to start the descent into the weekend.  Ladies, extend lunch or leave work a little early.  You know you deserve it!


Celebrate with Aloha!

Hauoli la hanau!

Happy Birthday to You, Happy Birthday to You!

A year older, a year wiser!

Give yourself the gift of a massage with Aloha.

Show us it's your birthday... or the day before or after... and we'll give you $10 off your service of one hour or more!

(Cannot be combined with other offers)

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Come.  Relax with Aloha!

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